Class of 2020: ‘Rona, Recession & Racism

“Quite simply, if race & racism didn’t sell merchandise or make people watch movies and TV shows, media companies and consumer brands wouldn’t use it.” “Period.”

“Education is an important element in the struggle for human rights. It is the means to help our children and our people rediscover their identity and thereby increase their self respect. Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs only to the people who prepare for it today.” El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

Hello, my name is Michael James Brown, writer/producer of Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free! If interested you can certainly read more about OAP by visiting the links at the end of this post.

Recently my daughter and I traveled to Norfolk, VA to visit Norfolk State University. We knew most of the buildings would be closed because of the precautions surrounding Covid-19 but I wanted to personally walk the campus and get to know everything about the school and town where my only daughter would be spending her time studying and playing volleyball over the next 4 years.

For many the sudden implementation of  stay at home orders and quarantines greatly affected the national economy and  ability for a lot of people to work and support their families. Upwards of 30 million + people filed for unemployment insurance and it has pushed the country into a recession. 

On top of that, while at home the nation watched the killing of a handcuffed George Floyd at the hands of officers from the Minneapolis police department. A few days after the video was posted to facebook, the whole world watched as protesting and looting followed. 

In a regular year any one of the topics mentioned above: coronavirus, recession and police brutality/racism would be a lot for a new high school graduate to process and make decisions that could affect the rest of your life.

Congratulations to my daughter and the other class of 2020 graduates, you get all three topics to think about before the year is even half over!

My daughter says her major is political science. 🙂 We talk all the time anyway, but I thought this was an especially good/important time for us to take a trip, hang out and discuss world events. I was interested in hearing her seventeen year old input, gauge her reaction(s) and offer my two cents and help her sort through all of the ever changing information and viewpoints. But I’m an out of touch dad, what do I really know?

Because I think the racism thread historically runs through the other topics, let’s start there.

The decision for my daughter to attend Norfolk State University, a HBCU (Historically Black College University) was made long before the George Floyd protests/looting. I put protests and looting together in the prior sentence but I think they are separate topics.

Since my daughter was born I have constantly changed my schedules so I could invest my time in her and her activities. When she was younger I volunteered at the day nursery. I read books to her 1st grade classes, helped coach her softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball teams, attended many of her club and high school matches.

As mentioned, we talk all the time so I felt it was especially important for us to talk while all the videos, memes and news stories surrounding the George Floyd killing are flying around everywhere. It’s important to be “angry” and “upset” but it’s even more important to not let yourself get dragged into things you don’t understand or someone else’s agenda and figure out what it is that you are going to do with your life.

When I first watched the George Floyd detainment video. I knew right away I was watching a man being killed. I think most who saw the video had a empathetic reaction to it. I think it takes a pretty cold person to look at that 9 minutes of video and not feel anger towards the officers and compassion for George.

I posted the story with video on my Facebook page and my comment of how I thought it went too far in detaining a man who was obviously not fighting with the police. I saw my “friends” list decrease by a few numbers, not a lot, but enough to wonder.  “Which one of my former “friends” had a problem with what I posted?

In the early days after the Floyd video surfaced I thought it was refreshing to see young people around my daughter’s age get off their phones and show interest in actual events going on around  them. I think protest and questioning everything is always great! (If you read any of my other posts they tend to be on the argumentative, challenging side.)

After a couple more days you could see the mix of people change. The looting was another thing entirely! At least where I live in Southern California it was clear to me that the looting and damaging of businesses was a very well coordinated texting and or app based mission.

I was also obvious to me that a large proportion of the people involved were younger and I felt they were letting someone else use their anger to steer them into committing crimes and damaging property. Look at the stores that were looted: Hot Topic, Jean Machine, mobile phone stores, etc.

I also felt after the first week or so a lot of the posting and discussion was no longer about George Floyd. If you remember,  the initial outcry was that the officers weren’t charged in George’s death. After the first week the officers were charged and in jail. I think after the first few days the focus became about who could post the best quote, picture or meme to show the world they were against racism. That’s why more and more people came out to protest. They were rightfully angry and wanted take pics to post to their social media accounts, etc.

The list of things that are produced in the US gets shorter all the time but in my opinion the one thing we still lead the world in is marketing & propaganda. Brand building and market segmentation. It’s the reason that eventually every issue is still broken down into a “White” vs “Black” issue. Quite simply, if race & racism didn’t sell merchandise or make people watch movies and TV shows, media companies and consumer brands wouldn’t use it. Period.

Let’s recap the Floyd situation. There were four officers on the scene who didn’t attempt to render aid to Floyd, who have now been charged with various crimes. Look at the pictures of the officers and using just what we see, and how we have been taught to categorize people, two of the officers would probably be categorized as being “White”.

So to get the most people to react to the story many of the various media outlets chose to write headlines focusing on the “White” officer who killed the “Black” man. (It’s a quick read and it sells, I get it)

So they can appear relevant and “in tune” with the largest amount of people (and charge higher ad rates!) Every TV and radio station, social media platform, brand has to flood their channels with images of Floyd and the officer with his knee on his neck. It didn’t matter to most that they are sending pictures of a man actually being killed. The story was more important. (After a few days they finally stopped showing the actual footage. I’m sure the family was relieved.)

Cars burning, store being broken into, protesters are all very good images too!

Here we are two weeks later and by now every brand that seeks to gain a major portion of its revenue from the younger demographic(s) has posted a public service announcement (commercial) or issued a statement detailing how they support Black Lives Matter, etc. and want to work together to be part of the solution.

As an example, Michael Jordan and Nike issued a statement that they will contribute $100 million (over 10 years) to Black Lives Matter type causes. Not to be out done the NFL said they will set aside $250 million over the same period of time. Don’t you think if both brands thought it was truly a crisis that needed to be fixed now, they would surely have $350 million to give to now? ($350 million might represent about 10-20% of the combined worldwide advertising budgets for both organizations. Money they would have allocated anyway in order to further connect you to their brand.)

ps Yes, I am aware that I’m in the demographic that really doesn’t buy $200 athletic shoes and therefore no one really cares what my opinion is. 🙂

Footnote: After a quick search I found information that the Jordan Brand had revenue of $3.1 billion in the fiscal year ending May 2019—only 8% of Nike’s total revenue.

Michael Jordan Has Made Over $1 Billion From Nike — The Biggest Endorsement Bargain In Sports

So, in my opinion what they are really saying is that we recognize the consumer response around the idea of things being more equal is gaining traction with our core demographic(s) and over the next 10 years we will give back a small portion of the enormous profit we stand to make selling our products to you.

So more than solve the problem, the brands are in a rush to manipulate the George Floyd killing and the protests to lock you in as a customer for the next ten years at the smallest price point possible.

To switch gears for a second and quickly show the level of commitment “we”, as a nation, show towards “our” various problems, let’s take a look back  at Covid-19.

In late March 2020 as the economy was grinding to a halt because of stay at home orders to help suppress the spread of Covid-19, it only took the US Congress a week to allocate $2 trillion dollars in the largest emergency relief bill in American history.

Money that wasn’t part of the previous budget, it was literally created out of thin air. In my opinion because they really felt a faltering economy was a major problem.

$350 million over 10 years sounds great – to kids – and is nothing to sneeze at but it’s a lot less than $2 trillion in a matter of weeks but I think it goes to show how these “problems” are prioritized.

No one is really interested in solving race & racism issues because the next best weapon to segment people – class – doesn’t bring in nearly the same amount of money.

So over the next rating periods expect plenty of “racial” awareness themed programs and “conversations” that fill up time on broadcasts but don’t really solve the problem.

One popular meme that’s floating around states that “Michael Vick served more time in jail for killing a dog than all the cops combined who have killed the last 493 unarmed Black men.” If true, think about that.

To kind of bring this post full circle and try and tie it up in a neat bow. As one would expect talking about race, recession and coronavirus to a seventeen year old kid is not a one-time conversation. There are many layers and a lot of history and perspectives that should be reviewed for one to properly begin to make sense of all the information that’s presented…and the information that’s not usually presented. 

Having conversations with my daughter about the information that’s not normally presented in schools is precisely why I thought it was best for her to attend an HBCU before the George Floyd incident. After George Floyd, I think it’s absolutely critical that she round out her education with viewpoints other than what she has learned in Southern California.

If you visit my website where I show a partial list of places where I have had OAP presentations you’ll see that most of them have been at schools or academic conferences that are tasked with helping to make things better for “disadvantaged” kids.

Some presentations I received money, others I have done for free. The reason is simply that I feel the rest of the information needs to be presented. Young adults need to learn how to discern information for themselves. They need to learn how to critically analyze information and not blindly accept as fact partial and old information that is often presented at school or that pops up on an app programmed by someone else.

As an example, not many people realized or connected the dots and talked about the looting during the George Floyd protests occurred within days of the 99th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre.

In the prosperous Greenwood district, at that time the wealthiest “black” community in the United States, known as “Black Wall Street”, as many as 300 people were killed, and 8,000+ were herded up and detained by the “white” officials from the city of Tulsa. More than 35 square blocks containing homes and businesses were burned down. The majority of the population in the Greenwood district was left homeless and weren’t compensated for their losses. All because they were “black” and prosperous.

In conclusion,  there are a whole group of kids who make it through high school singularly because they have to remain eligible to participate in athletics. I would describe myself at  seventeen that way. I didn’t have a 10 year or even a 5 year plan, I had a month by month, day by day turn your assignments in with as little effort as possible so you can stay eligible to play basketball plan. 🙂

I think athletics are still important. It is a great learning experience to struggle and win or lose as a team. I am proud that my daughter will get the chance to play volleyball in college with her team. Hopefully it will translate and become one of the factors to help her learn how to move forward in real life.

I can vividly remember every coach, every motivational speech. I can’t remember one instance where a coach told us to work hard and fight for equality as the end result! We never asked the other team(s) to sit down and have ongoing dialogue sessions to discuss how they could make things easier for us.

I said that to say, I’m sure when it comes to race & racism on a macro level there can be endless time wasting circular discussions where everybody can be involved that leads to more dialogue and slogans and memes that fill up broadcast calendars and social media timelines.

But on a micro level when you are talking about my kid(s) the better long term solution is to fill them up with the rest of the information they don’t get in school about their real history in the US and around the world. Water those seeds with parental and family involvement and watch them grow!  

Male Academy Cabrillo High School – Long Beach, CA

Other Awareness Project:
More involved than your personal association with whatever arbitrary and undefined “racial” name you call yourself, the Other Awareness Project (OAP) is a 95% guilt & anger free, thought provoking, humorous mixture of film documentary, stand-up comedy and audience discussion that looks into what I think is the continued incorrect categorization of people into “racial” groups by skin color and other arbitrary things.

Despite everything we know scientifically, legally, religiously practically any way you want to look at it governments and businesses STILL ask questions concerning your “racial” choice.

In this era of “keeping it real, internet access and DNA research, why does an intelligent person, using CURRENT information, STILL classify into a “Racial” group? Groups their grandparents NEVER called themselves!

Moreover, is it helping to solve any problems going forward, real or perceived?

Although we touch upon a wide variety of topics, the project isn’t focused on racism or past wrongdoings, real or perceived. It’s more focused on today and tomorrow, and helping to discover what is the best plan going forward that everyone can support.

The project is about SELF-IDENTIFICATION and is directed towards community involved, solutions oriented people. That’s it!

In 2007, with cameras rolling I traveled to various cities around the country. (Long Beach, CA; Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Cypress, CA; Carson, CA; Youngstown, OH) I was intentionally looking to have conversations with people who are more intelligent than I am on the subjects of law, religion and any area of science. I knew that wouldn’t be that hard. I was fortunate to tape 15 1 hour discussions with people from all stations in life, from politicians to rappers to teachers, etc. The people are real, the conversations are real! We spoke about family background, definitions of the terms “race” & ethnicity, friends, etc. Everyone answered the same roughly 20 questions, from “Who is Al Sharpton?” to “Where is Caucasia?” to “What is the legal description of a _ person in the United States?” To their credit, not one person knew the questions until we were filming. I didn’t prep any of the responses. The conversations are exactly as they happened with as little editing as possible. I gave each participant an unedited DVD of our entire conversation. I spent four months filming, but nearly four years researching and writing this project. I feel it is my most complete project to date. I am extremely happy with the footage and the new friends I have made across the country and around the world!

It was interesting to meet other people who felt that they didn’t fit any of the suggested categories as well. I met Europeans who didn’t know they were “White” until they came to this country. Africans, who didn’t call themselves ‘Black’ when they were in their country. “Asian people who have never been to Asia. “Hispanic” people who didn’t know the origin of the word.

Highlights include talking with Ohio Attorney General – Marc Dann; Jim Dear, Mayor of Carson, CA; Rabbi Brian Zachary Meyer; and Dr. Joseph Graves, Jr. Author of ‘The Race Myth’ and Professor of Biology at North Carolina A&T University.

The OAP has been selected for presentations at the following conferences/events:

26th National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education
New Orleans, LA (Selected for presentation, couldn’t attend)

Poly Academy of Achievers & Leaders
Long Beach, CA

Cultivating Energy For Success – Radio Interview

Futures – Equity in Education Conference
Toronto District School Board
Toronto Canada Ontario

Male Academies of Long Beach Unified School District
Jordan Freshman Academy

24th National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education
San Francisco, CA

Clarion University
Presented by the Martin Luther King Committee
Hope Chapel
Clarion, PA

22nd National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education
San Diego, CA
3 hour workshop. (Ratings of: 17% Excellent, 33% Very Good, 33% Good, 17% Fair)

Visit the following links for more information:


Media Kit:

‘It’s Time To Talk’

On Saturday June 17th, 2017 I was fortunate to be a guest on the Universal Broadcast Network (UBN) radio program ‘It’s Time To Talk’ My gracious hosts were April and Dedra Jorden.

Note: forward to 16:00 in the video. There was a slight sound problem at the beginning of the show.

I would like to thank them for the opportunity to come and take the major part of the hour discussing the Other Awareness Project. I think it was a great chance to talk about the beginning of the project and all of the speaking engagements I have had over the last 14 years.

The one thing I loved abut being on the show more than anything else is that we didn’t rehearse or previously discuss what topics would be covered in the show. It was 100% live. My 4 hour DVD was created with 16 people from all across the country in the same manner.

Since it was a live show, I would like to “fix” one error. During the show I discussed a book by J. A. Rogers titled ‘Nature Knows No Color-Line’ I incorrectly identified the woman on the cover as Queen Elizabeth. The woman on the cover of the book is Charlotte Sophia. Queen of England from 1744 – 1818. Grandmother of Queen Victoria.

Additionally I would like to discuss the order of the regular Other Awareness Project presentation. It’s normally around 4 hours with questions and discussions. It’s always tough to talk about in a one hour format like this show. We tend to jump around and that’s not the format of the presentation. Topics are presented in order before we start talking about what everyone else has done wrong, etc.

If you want to know more about how to schedule a presentation for your school or group feel free to contact me at!

Again, Thanks Dedra and April! I look forward to being on a future show!



AB 101 – Moving Forward?

The State of California is going through the process of deciding whether classes in Ethnic Studies should be mandatory. If everything goes as planned, every school district in California, with seventh through twelfth grade classes must follow a state mandated curriculum offering Ethnic Studies as a social science elective.

In case you are not familiar with the story, here is the story by the Long Beach Report:

(Mar. 30, 2015) — In his first hearing as chair of the Assembly Education Committee, Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell (D., Long Beach), the former 4th district Councilman whose campaign reminded voters that he’s a teacher, has voted to support and advance a bill that would require all CA School Districts (with grades 7-12 inclusive) to offer a course in Ethnic Studies as a social science elective, using a Sacramento-developed model curriculum.

AB 101, authored by Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D., Watsonville), cleared O’Donnell’s Committee on a 6-1 vote — with Republican Rocky Chavez (R., Oceanside) voting “no” — sending it the Assembly Appropriations Committee and potentially one step away from the Dem majority Assembly floor.

Specifically, the bill would:

Require the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to oversee the development of, and the state board to adopt, a model curriculum, framework and other support systems to ensure quality courses in ethnic studies. The bill would require the Superintendent to establish an Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee and would require the committee to advise, assist, and make recommendations to the state board about programs, curriculum content, and other issues related to ethnic studies. The bill would require the Superintendent, on or before June 30, 2016, to submit to the state board a plan to fully implement these requirements. The bill would, beginning the school year following the adoption of the model curriculum, require each school district maintaining any of grades 7 to 12, inclusive, to offer, as an elective course in the social sciences, a course of study in ethnic studies based on the model curriculum framework.

  • To view the full text of AB 101, click here.
  • To view the Assembly Education Committee’s Legislative Analysis of the bill, click here.

Additionally, Prof. Armando Vazquez-Ramos – a Professor in the Chicano and Latino Studies Dept. at California State University at Long Beach – made a similar suggestion urging LBUSD to start teaching Ethnic Studies in high school. Prof. Vazquez-Ramos wrote: “I firmly believe that young men of color will greatly benefit from a strong sense of identity and social responsibility, which will be derived from a profound knowledge about their history and culture.”

You can read the full article here:

So, here are my thoughts regarding the proposals contained in AB 101 and the statement by Prof. Vazquez-Ramos. I completely understand the thoughts and sentiments behind these proposals. From my experience, there is no question that high school education in the USA could be a lot better. There is no question that adding more information would help young people to know about the cultures they think they come from.

However, I question the effectiveness of these measures in either the short or long term. In fact, I think they are continuing to emphasize the wrong things. Primarily:

  1. The continuing direction of dialogue that young men of “color” NEED special help and commissions, programs so they can accomplish anything in life.
  2. That young men of “color” NEED other people’s help in learning about themselves.
  3. I have a problem with the same government that was chiefly responsible for taking away rights and stripping people of their culture, being in charge of teaching these same groups their history.
  4. If they teach everyone’s history as they have annotated and truncated world and American History like they have up until this point, then we all can only be in more trouble.
  5. We still need warriors! What groups puts others in charge of teaching their children how to be warriors?

Sure, I know the popular marketing bandwagon these days is to rejoice about the fact that we are all Americans – we are all one. We have all made so much progress that we are at the dawn of a new age that has never existed before. But, “we” all aren’t here because of lack of growth or because we needed one group to coach and counsel us all.

Sure, people are made of the same stuff, but that doesn’t mean everyone should end up in the same place! In fact, for most of the people who might read this, your ancestors weren’t the ones to illogically break themselves and other people into arbitrary and illegally undefined categories. It wasn’t your people who came up with all of these names for other people. In fact, most people all around the world don’t have any problems with other people based on skin color etc.

I will try and not getting everyone riled up regarding my opinion of the way world and US history has been taught to “us” over the last six or seven hundred years. But, in my opinion, just about everything anyone in the USA has learned about any place – or any other people – on the planet; has been distorted or relevant information has been completely left out to make it seem that the US is leading the world to places and ideas that have never been seen before.

This “oversight” was not because the information was not known or readily available. This lack of information was and continues to be a part of the strategies to keep the weak, weak; and make the strong, stronger. Or, at the very least, keep everybody at the level they are artificially at now. While making it seem like “we” are all growing towards a level of enlightenment that never existed before.

It is all not so clever double talk! Its main purpose is to separate people from the resources in their lands for the benefit of other people. The trick is making everyone believe it is for the benefit of all, when actually only a very few benefit.

On the face of it seems a great idea for the professor at CSULB and representatives of the State of California to be among the groups taking the lead in helping to educate all the kids, including the kids in the so-called “minority” groups.

It is only when you take a closer look do you start to ask yourself a few “why questions.”

“Why does one “group” need to have other “groups” involved in the teaching of its young people?”

“Why would the supposed suppressed “groups” even allow people from the long-term oppressive “group” to be involved in the process of educating their children?”

“If they have messed up the teaching of American History to the point that most people – who haven’t taken it upon themselves to learn more – don’t have a working understanding of the subject.” “Why would you want to let them teach your kids about who they are?” What are they really going to learn?

Want to take a few paragraphs to focus specifically on this part of the article:

Specifically, the bill would:

Require the [state] Superintendent [of Public Instruction] to oversee the development of, and the state board to adopt, a model curriculum, framework and other support systems to ensure quality courses in ethnic studies. The bill would require the Superintendent to establish an Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee and would require the committee to advise, assist, and make recommendations to the state board about programs, curriculum content, and other issues related to ethnic studies.

So the State appointed Superintendent would be required to appoint State approved commissioners to build, then implement, a State approved curriculum for teaching all “ethnic” kids who they are?

That seems a little odd, and off balance when you consider it is the State that continues to allow – in the face of all logic – such arbitrary and completely legally undefined categories such as “Black,” “Latino,” “White,” etc. on their State approved forms.

I recently started a new job. Some of you might have seen a paragraph like this on the paperwork that is required for most human resources departments:

Any information relating to race, ethnicity, and gender is collected to comply with federal regulations, which require certain record keeping and reporting requirements of (Your Company Here). Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment.  If you elect not to provide your ethnicity, your Enrollment Administrator will make a selection on your behalf.

Therefore, you can refuse to not continue to participate in the rules set-up by them, but it doesn’t matter because one of the folks in HR will make a selection for you. A person whom you just met not more than a week or two ago is required to place you in one of the State approved arbitrary categories. You have to fit into one of their categories! You cannot opt out. (Reminds me of some lyrics in the song ‘Hotel California.’ “You can check out, but you can never leave!”)

My next question would be, exactly what is the State approved board of commissioners going to teach these kids about themselves? It is one thing to know the information; it is another to put the information into action. What is going to be the limit?

Most of these “ethnic” kids come from cultures that had fierce warriors, outstanding fighting traditions. They were not easily defeated, accomplished great things. However, over the years, everyone who was brave enough to stand up to the US government – as it was stretching across the country stealing land – was murdered, imprisoned, forced to disband by starving the women and children. Military and legislative forces did this. This was part of a plan.

What information does the same government that put their people in the situation they are in, have to tell them about how to be themselves now?

We still need warriors! In addition, we still need people to teach them how to be warriors!

One of the biggest problems I ever have with legislation like this or groups who always seem to think there needs to be one more program to help all of these poor disenfranchised youths, is that this sort of stuff helps perpetuate the very idea that these people NEED help from outside sources to just be equal with other people.

They are so broken down that they just cannot possibly do it all by themselves. The whole process continues to perpetuate a slave mentality whereby grown men are conditioned to continually ask…. or even tell via protests and marching, other men what they need to do in order to make them whole.

After returning home from World War II, William Powell faced discrimination on the golf course. With the help of his wife and children, he carved nine holes out of farmland while working nights as a security guard. In 1946, he established Clear View Golf Club in East Canton, Ohio.

You can and should do more research about Bill Powell and many others, but I like this story as an example for what it does not say. It does not say that Bill Powell sat around and waited for other people to finally decide if he could play or not. It does not say that Bill Powell went around asking other people for money so he could turn his dream into reality. It doesn’t say that Bill Powell waited for the State approved people to come along and help him, make sure he had the same chances at happiness as everyone else. This was 1946, the PGA of America was around, but offered no hand in helping Bill Powell build his course. In fact, “Black” players could not join the Professional Golfers Association of America. Charlie Sifford would become the first official (State Approved) “Black” player in 1961. (Many years later, the PGA gave Bill Powell a Lifetime Achievement Award for his accomplishments and dedication to golf. My personal opinion is that it was given more to improve the perception of inclusiveness for the PGA. Surely Bill did not need the award after his course was built.)

I am over 50 years old. Most of my family is from the Delta region of Mississippi, by way of Champaign, IL. I personally know many people who never had the opportunity to get as much formal education as the kids in most “under-privileged” programs, yet they were very smart people. They did not let what other people thought or felt keep them from accomplishing their goals. My father only finished the 6th grade, but he could tell you everything you wanted to know about concrete and how to build stuff. He will probably never get a lifetime achievement award from the Concrete Finisher’s Association of America, but that doesn’t mean what he had to tell me was irrelevant. I’m going to guess that a lot of the stuff he talked to me about while I was growing up would probably never make it through the filtering process of the State approved commission.

Let us look at this in another context. Americans love sports. Once again, the New England Patriots are World Champions of the National Football League. How did they get there? Did they hold protests against the other teams in the league demanding that they set up special programs so they could win? Did the Patriots boycott the other teams? Did the Patriots refuse to buy their products until they come to their senses and do the right thing?

On the other hand, does Coach Belichick always work on his team, looking for ways to make his team better? Often times the Patriots will take on players that did not perform well in other places. However, once they are trained the way he wants them to be – in his system – they perform at a high level and get the job done! It is not just true of the Patriots. EVERY successful team in the world does one thing and they do it well. They do not let other people define who they are and what they can accomplish. When they get on the field or court, etc. they focus on what their strengths are, what it is they need to accomplish. We still need warriors!

I was watching a show  – can’t remember the name – and I heard someone ask, “What happened to all of the great “Black” leaders?” I can tell you what happened to them. They have all been corrupted by TV and marketing money. The good ones that are left cannot get enough exposure to be relevant on a large-scale; the bad ones are on everywhere! This brings us right back to the questions. “Exactly what is the State approved curriculum in AB 101 supposed to do? “Will it tell “our” children about the accomplishments of “our” people before they were artificially held down and back by the people who control this state/nation?” Or, is the purpose to keep our kids fighting to be equal with people who were never historically equal to them. This is not growth. It is continued stagnation.

At this very moment, at a time of record corporate profits on Wall Street, every good cause to help any “under-privileged group” is completely under-funded! It is not an accident! In addition, it is not the job of “White” people to fix.

A large percentage of the adults in the “under-privileged” groups are marginally employed or grossly underemployed. Last, to be hired, first to be fired, still! “Why?” Because they are complacent. Willing to sit around participating in conferences and a direction of dialogue where they still have to explain to another man what it is he can do for them. If these people knew ANYTHING about the long history of their people, they certainly would do something else. A State approved curriculum will not be designed to do that. We still need warriors!

The purpose of TV has become to conquer and divide people at will. Whatever a very limited group of people wants to showcase or shutdown, they do so with the tools of mass media. (TV, Internet, Facebook, etc.)

Most people reading this  – let us expand the group because we all know no one ever acknowledges reading any of my stuff – most people in the world are not “racist.” “Racist” meaning they hate other people’s skin colors to the point they cannot get along with them.

The biggest fallacy of everything having to do with the continuation of thinking along the lines of race and racism is that people would constantly be at each other’s throats ready to kill each other! That could not be any further from the truth. However, TV needs the “conflict” otherwise, people would recognize it for what it really is, just another appliance.

In August of 2014, I invited several people to a series of book discussions. The people asked to attend were chosen because they were educators who mostly worked with high school age kids. High School teachers, University teachers, community activists. The purpose was to read and analyze a book called ‘Nature Knows No-Color Line’ the book was written by J. A Rogers and has been reprinted several times, but good luck finding a copy!

I bought copies of the book, distributed them at the meetings, and gave away a few of them.

In the research for his 235 page book, J.A. Rogers traveled to Europe several times. To churches, libraries, government halls of records, etc. Everything he mentions in the book, J. A. substantiates by providing footnotes that shows the source of the information. Therefore, he is not asking you to believe him. He is saying if you disagree with what he found, you can do your own research.

I liked this approach so much that I built my ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!’ project in the same way. I passed out footnotes at every presentation.

J. A.Rogers was a member of several professional associations including the Paris Society of Anthropology, the American Geographical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Academy of Political Science. In other words, he was not a member of these organizations because he picketed, boycotted, or stomped his feet! He submitted his research papers  – like everyone else – and based on their support of his research he was admitted!  Precisely the message we need to be sending to our young kids. Your mom and maybe a few other people care about what you feel. In an adult world, other people care about how well you substantiate your opinions. There is only one step. You have to do the work.

There is only one middle school in America named after J. A. Rogers.

Overall, the results of the book discussions were mixed and disappointing to me. Very few of the highly educated college graduates in the group had ever heard of J.A. Rogers or any of his books. I made it a point to specifically ask, “Do you think any of the information presented in the book would be useful for young “Black” kids to know? The overall answer was yes, but they were not sure how it should be presented in a class.

As a kid who is a product of many of the situations under-privileged kids face each day, I thought the book would certainly help kids understand their real place in the history of the world, rather than just seeing themselves as products of slaves. One day hoping to overcome. Overcome what?

For the last, several hundred years the history of America and position of every other group has been a one-sided story. The State taking steps to tell the other stories is admirable, but they really should leave people alone to tell their own stories the way they should be told.

When I talk about this, everyone instantly think I am talking just about “Black” people. In fact, I am talking about everyone who continues to get his or her ideas about themselves from other people. There are two recent news stories that I would like to highlight and connect to what I am talking about.

The people of Scotland recently had to vote on whether they would stay part of Great Britain, or go back to being an independent country. The debate was hot, heavy, and very interesting. Many of the Scottish people had no confidence in their ability to make it in the world without being governed and told what to do by the English. They had grown up this way and did not know anything different.

Of course, I did not have a horse in the race, but my thoughts were aligned with former First Minister Alex Salmond, who worked extremely hard to get the Yes Scotland independence initiative brought up for a vote. He no longer wanted to use Scottish resources to help pay for the wars and other excesses caused by England. He wanted the Scottish people to remember or learn about their great history of accomplishment before being ruled by England, and gain the confidence that they could make it in the world on their own, without any outside help. The Yes Scotland initiative was defeated in November 2014 and Alex Salmond resigned.

After much debate, Tanzania just passed a law that Kiswahili will go back to being the official language taught in its schools. It is set to become the first sub-Saharan African country to use an African language as the medium of instruction throughout the schooling years. (They probably should have said the first sub-Saharan African country to go back to primarily teaching an African language in its schools.)

Again there was and continues to be a lot of debate about whether a country can make it on its own terms, without some how being connected to the English. Many people even questioned whether it was smart or not.

If you are going to be successful in the world, it is simple; you must do so on your own terms. You will never be successful trying to move ahead on other people’s terms of success or who you are.

The message is true for “Black” kids as well. It is a waste of time and the continued misuse of time to continue arguing with and defining and redefining who you are with someone else.

Yes, people are made from the same stuff. It was true before Europeans started spreading their mis-education and misunderstanding of the world to everybody else as fact. It was true for the past 700 years, it is true now. It is not a new understanding we as people just arrived at. We are made from the same stuff, but that does not mean everybody should end up in the same place! Rarely is there a race where everyone who lined up at the start, finishes at the exact time.

Yes, some people have natural talent at certain things – nothing you can do about that – but it is not dictated by skin color. Usually the people, who worked hard at whatever the competition is for, finish ahead of the people who did not.

Education is important. So is the source of that education. No matter what name you call yourself, take some time off from being told by other people what you can and cannot read about the history of “your” people, and you will begin to understand what you are meant to accomplish in this world. It’s not that hard, and it doesn’t take forever.

Michael James Brown is the writer /producer of ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!‘ A now 12 year project that looks at why intelligent people – using current information – still call themselves arbitrary and poorly defined “racial” categories. Categories that are not supported by science, religion, or any legal systems. Categories that a person’s ancestors NEVER called themselves! Are we solving any problems – real or perceived – by continuing this dialogue along these lines? Previous career titles include: Marketing Operations Manager, Creative Services Manager, Director of Operations. In his spare time, Michael rides his motorcycle around to real cities, having real conversations with real people. He is already aware that the OAP presentations and topics do not fit the expected mold and therefore he will never be invited to speak on any national media shows! 🙂 ( (

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Arbitrary Boundaries…Still

TV_watchingI don’t watch a lot of television. If it’s not sports related or about traveling in other countries, I’m probably not second by second current on what’s happening on TV.

However, if you ask how my daughter is progressing in her volleyball career, or how my Honda Nighthawk motorcycle is running, or with which organization I most recently volunteered, I’ll certainly be able fulfill my part in keeping the old conversational ball rolling!.

The main reason for my lack of watching television is pretty simple. For me, television has long outlived one of its original purposes of informing and bringing new information to the masses. Today there are literally hundreds of programming options a customer can choose from, but with such a fragmented market – and everyone apparently fighting for the same minimum customer IQ level – the foremost purposes of television has become to incite fear, promote conjecture, and increase pure stupidity! All wrapped up and made presentable in a nice dress or suit!

Of course I know the broadcasters have a choice to show the types of programs they want, and marketers also have a choice in which shows they choose to support. But, I feel I also have a choice on how many hours of my life I’m going to trade to be involved in all of this television driven madness!

So, continuing to develop my premise that the modern primary purposes of television is to incite and make you watch it – more so even than providing methods for people to discover truth – here is in my opinion a typical start to a typical day in American television and it’s effect on our collective perceptions of the “real” world.

According to a May 5th, 2014 post on their website, Neilsena leading global information and measurement company, that provides insights & data about what people watch, listen to & buy – estimates that there there are 116.3 million TV homes in the USA. Up .4% over 2014. Nielsen also estimates that nearly 296 million persons age 2 and older live in these TV homes, an increase of 0.5 percent from last year. To put that in perspective, a US News & World Report article estimates the entire population of the USA to be 317,297,938.

For arguments sake and to simplify, let’s theorize that  – for whatever reasons – only half of that 296 million number watches any measurable amounts of television. Some are at the high-end, some at the low-end, others are right in the middle. That’s 148,000,000. To make things even more tidy, let’s round the previous number up to 150,000,000.

So, everyday the majority of these 150 million television watching people have real life interactions with each other. Some of our group of TV viewers are co-workers who might sit together in the same cluster of cubicles at work. Other viewers are complete strangers, who might stand in line together in a checkout line somewhere. Some viewers become friends, some viewers find they don’t like each other, some viewers become angry and want to harm other people. Either way, this group of viewers have these millions of unrecorded, unplanned and unrehearsed interactions several times a day. Most of it falls unto the category of just everyday stuff, not exciting. Not plus or minus.

But, take a very select few of these same interactions and run them through the American television poor editing, poor due process, and in many cases poor objectivity machine; and they instantly become subjects that all of the self-appointed intellectual heads have to dissect ad nauseam on every channel for us peasants to digest. Apparently we can’t break things down and retain the information on our own so we need it done for us every hour on the hour!

As mentioned, there are several hundred channel choices and therefore many channel programmers. Apparently, most programmers feel that in order to be viewed as current and relevant to advertisers, they each must show the same highly edited “Breaking News” clips over and over again to keep or gain their share of viewers.

The format is always the same, run the unconfirmed, the pure conjecture, slanted viewpoint stories until the more concrete substantiated information comes out. That way you can create multiple streams of story lines about the same event! And for good measure, make sure to continue to identify people by the unsupported, non-scientific, non-legal “racial” parameters that were assigned to each “group” more than 600-700 years ago. Names, which I like to point out were NOT established by the people themselves!

I think many people forget that the whole purpose of creating these “racial” categories was to position groups against one another so as to take their lands, property, and people. In my opinion, the objective is still the same today with the additional objective of making you feel good about it! (Look at how many “ethnic” looking people are on television these days going crazy over products we don’t need! See how much progress “we” are making as a society?”)

The Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner stories ALL follow this format. The reason these stories keep being shoved to the forefront, when MANY more kids are killed by people who look just like they do – all around the world – is not to help solve any problems, but to continue stirring the pot for ratings pure and simple. Create more shows, have more national debates about non debatable stuff. (In my opinion, the Eric Gardner story is different in that his widow/family should file civil charges against the city, county and state! Complete misuse of force.)

So, each morning 150 million potential television viewers awake to be told what happened last night and what it now means to our society. The stories have to be shown at such a high saturation level so it appears that it is EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE is talking about it! Through shear repetition, television persuades viewers to discard the millions of real interactions they have had with each other and make their decisions about other people based on the short video clips and sound bytes provided by the media.

And of course, viewers don’t get a break at night. My own unofficial review of night-time television yields that same results. The evening viewing line up for one channel with national distribution looks like this: ‘Blackish,’ ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ (Coming Soon), ‘The McCarthy’s,’ etc. Apparently this represents some sort of progress from earlier shows: ‘The Jeffersons,’ ‘All In The Family,’ ‘Good Times,’ ‘Julia,’ etc. Old jokes, old premises for a new audience.

To get back on track, this post is titled ‘Arbitrary Boundaries’ because one reoccurring observation over the 11 years that I have been presenting ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!’ and talking about self-identification – rather than race & ethnicity – is that in every presentation just about every topic or example the audience tends to put forth as compelling evidence of how the world is changing for the better – change the world has never seen before – is based on an incorrect idea or poorly supported concept that the people who created all of these “racial” categories put forth as propaganda barriers for each category of people. In many cases physical force or punishments were the tools used to make everyone accept their ideas as fact. It hasn’t been that long ago that it was illegal to teach people to read.

From an early age we are taught completely illogical stuff. These type of people can’t do this. Those type of people can’t do the other. Virtually nothing of any significance happened on earth until the Greeks and Romans came along and became the fathers of astronomy, science, etc.

But, if you make some time to read a few books – books that will never be provided in your American classroom. Or, read articles written by your people – written way before some Europeans started telling everyone else who they were and what they were capable of – then I think you will spend less of your valuable time fighting and living inside the arbitrary boundaries that have been constructed around you for you.

As I say all the time, “The only real difference in people, despite what you think your race or ethnicity is – is that successful people DO NOT let other people define who they are and what they can become!”

You were made to travel the earth and experience everything on it!

Michael James Brown is the writer /producer of ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!‘ A now 11 year project that looks at why intelligent people – using current information – still call themselves arbitrary and poorly defined “racial” categories. Categories that are not supported by science, religion, or any legal systems. Categories that a person’s ancestors NEVER called themselves! Are we solving any problems – real or perceived – by continuing this dialogue along these lines? Previous career titles include: Marketing Operations Manager, Creative Services Manager, Director of Operations. In his spare time, Michael rides his motorcycle around to real cities, having real conversations with real people. He is already aware that the OAP presentations and topics do not fit the expected mold and therefore he will never be invited to speak on any national media shows! 🙂 ( (

Summer Reading Assignment

Nature Knows No Color-LineMy daughter is 11 years old and a straight A student. One of her classes this year was ‘Ancient World History.’ I read the table of contents and downloaded the lesson plan, etc. I think they glossed over a lot of information. In my opinion, she is old enough and smart enough to start supplementing her one-sided and incomplete American public school education with information I want her to also know about. Most of the stuff I now know regarding the history of the world and the people in it, I never learned in school, I had to discover it on my own.

Sure, George Washington Carver was a great inventor, but there are so many other people and topics that aren’t typically covered in American schools, that I think people should know about when they are gathering information and forming opinions of themselves and other people. It is important to tell school administrators what other information should be included, but in my opinion, it is more important to fill in the gaps myself rather than wait on someone else to do it for me.

This summer, her reading assignment will be a book by a not widely known author, journalist and historian Mr. Joel Augustus Rogers. The title of the book is: ‘Nature Knows No Color Line: Research into the Negro Ancestry in the White Race’ (New York: J. A. Rogers, 1952 – 242 pages)

(**The picture on the front of the book is of Charlotte Sophia – Queen of England; Consort of George III of England, and grandmother of Queen Victoria. (Portrait by Thomas Frye) She was a German Princess. J. A. discusses this on pages 93 & 94.)

The book is only 242 pages long but in my opinion, EVERYONE who wants to be more knowledgeable about human history in Africa, Europe, and the rest of the world, should consider adding this book to their classrooms or collections. (*There is an elementary school in Kansas City named after J.A. Rogers.

According to J.A. Rogers, the purpose for the book is not to prove who was/is greater. The purpose of the book is to show that Africans have been contributing to societies all over the planet, BEFORE “slavery,” etc. Before it is completely written out of any history books, he wanted to show and document that many Africans were accepted into the highest levels of European society. They married, had children, these were not people who were merely only “slaves.” Throughout the book, he shows pictures of official royal family and European government crests from the 15th, 16th, 17th centuries with images of “Africans” on them. As Rogers explains throughout the book, these images are not on the official documents because they were making fun of the people. In fact, the opposite is truer; these people were on there because they wanted to show their connections to them! In my opinion, the analogy that best comes to mind so people can understand this today, is the habit of wearing sports team jerseys. No one buys and wears a jersey of a player that they hate. They proudly wear the name and jersey of the player(s) they admire, want to emulate.

In this book, J.A. Rogers also goes about the business of showing that the concept of race as it relates to a person’s skin color is a newer, more contemporary concept. He references the work of French anthropologist, Topinard, who noted that neither Aristotle (Father of Natural History) nor Hippocrates (Father of Modern Medicine) ever mentioned the word “race” though both studied anatomy and the then known varieties of the human race. The King James Bible of the 17th century does not mention the word “race.” (page 10)

The best the thing I like about this book – and all of J.A. Rogers other books and research – is that #1 he paid for all of it himself! He did not really ask anyone else to pay for or support his project. He traveled to Europe, visited castles, libraries, museums, etc. #2 when he says something; he has footnotes throughout the book that shows you where he found the information. He is VERY thorough in his notes. You can check his research for yourself if you want to!

J. A. Rogers was a member of professional associations such as the Paris Society of Anthropology, the American Geographical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Academy of Political Science.

If you have never heard of J. A. Rogers, you can begin your research at:

Joel Augustus Rogers (September 6, 1883 – March 26, 1966) was a Jamaican-American author, journalist, and historian who contributed to the history of Africa and the African Diaspora, especially the history of African Americans in the United States. His research spanned the academic fields of history, sociology and anthropology. He challenged prevailing ideas about race, demonstrated the connections between civilizations, and traced African achievements. He was one of the greatest populizers of African history in the 20th century.

Rogers was a meticulous researcher, astute scholar and concise writer. He traveled tirelessly on his quest for knowledge, which often took him directly to the source. While traveling in Europe, he frequented libraries, museums, and castles, finding sources that helped him prove African ancestry and history. He challenged the biased viewpoint of Euro-centric historians and anthropologists.

Rogers articulated ideas about race that were formed by anthropology and biology, rather than social convention. He used vindicationism not as end in itself, but as a tool to underscore his humanist beliefs, and to illustrate the unity of humanity as a people. He discarded the non-scientific definition of race and pursued his own ideas about humanity’s interconnectedness. Thus, although the work of Rogers has often been relegated to the controversial genre of Afro-centric history, his main contribution to African scholarship was his nuanced analysis of the concept of race.

Rogers was a member of professional associations such as the Paris Society of Anthropology, the American Geographical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Academy of Political Science.

After reading the book, maybe your first thought will be; “How come I never learned any of this in middle and high school?” My daughter will never have to ask that question.

Michael James Brown is the writer /producer of ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!‘ A now 11 year project that looks at why intelligent people – using current information – still call themselves arbitrary and poorly defined “racial” categories. Categories that are not supported by science, religion, or any legal systems. Categories that a person’s ancestors NEVER called themselves prior to European contact! Are we solving any problems – real or perceived – by continuing this dialogue along these lines? Previous career titles include: Marketing Operations Manager, Creative Services Manager, and Director of Operations. In his spare time, Michael rides his motorcycle around to real cities, having real conversations with real people. He is already aware that the OAP presentations and topics do not fit the expected mold and therefore he will never be invited to speak on any national media shows! 🙂


Donald Sterling – American Marketing/Media Manipulation 101


MJB speaking at police department training seminar.
MJB speaking at police department training seminar.

On Tuesday, April 29th, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life and fined $2.5 million dollars for comments he made concerning a picture of his girlfriend and Magic Johnson. Apparently the suspension and fine were needed to help “make things right” according to Andrew Silver, the new commissioner of the National Basketball Association.

Over that last 11 years via Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free! presentations  – presentations where I ask, “Why do intelligent people STILL choose to categorize themselves into poorly defined “racial” groups – I have talked with various groups around the country about the continued manipulation of information by American mass media outlets and marketing agencies. My position has always been that the only reason any of this talk about racists and racism, etc. continues to dominate headlines is because certain people and organizations make more money with stories of hints of racism, than stories without racism angles. Even though there is nothing scientific, religious, or legal that supports the idea that people are divided into these “racial” groups, we still have to get subjected to nationwide blitzes of stories that only help cause further division.

This will be a little long, but as we go along, try to remember that because we have so many outlets for information today, ALL media companies are always looking for content – especially content that people will react to – for their articles, features, etc. Advertisers pay a lot of money to have their products & services shown on the channels that produce the greatest amount of return for their media purchases. Marketing 101.

In my opinion, the NBA and pretty much all major sports, have become less about the actual playing of the sport, and more about the selling of the sport and making the games more attractive to casual viewers, thereby making the product more attractive to potential advertisers. To be even more specific, they are looking to attract more advertisers in the consumer packed goods or consumer services sector. This is also Marketing 101 and not “wrong” or anything, just good business the way the game is played today. (Just watch any game and what commercials do you see? There are really only 3 types of commercials that come on during a sporting event: 1) Company A is trying to sell you something to eat. 2) Company B is trying to get you to sign up for their service. 3) NBA public service announcements where they tell you how great and involved the NBA is in your community. The NBA is your friend!)

Another topic I talk about in my OAP presentations is coalition building. Basically, I like to point out to my audiences that people have always made agreements and coalitions with other people throughout history. All people – and corporations for that matter – only make agreements and coalitions with other companies and people because they both hope to profit from the alliance.

Stopping short of calling it some sort of an alliance because I certainly  don’t know all the details, I’m suggesting that the NBA, Donald Sterling, TV stations, Marketing Agencies, NAACP and other organizations, all have an angle on making more money and/or better positioning themselves as leaders in the ‘”bringing people together” movement, while not really solving or bringing adequate resources to help reduce any social conditions whatsoever. Yes, we get a lot of marketing campaigns and press conference announcements out of these type of stories, but very little actual results.

So, in my opinion, the Donald Sterling’s “racist” comments story line dominating EVERYTHING on TV, is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Everyone makes more money by keeping racism in the news. First, by dividing people into arbitrary and completely unsupportable “racial” categories – which has run it’s course for now – then by creating false scenarios whereby organizations or products “magically” bring those same arbitrary and poorly defined “groups” back together again.

Now, let’s look at the components of the story and add just a little internet background research on the organizations and people involved:

1) Donald Sterling has purchased thousands of apartments primarily in Los Angeles over the past several decades. He also owns properties in Orange County, San Diego and Las Vegas and advertises heavily in the L.A. Times. Sterling bought the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team in 1981 for $12 million; Forbes now values the team at $430 million. Mr. Sterling’s net worth is estimated at $1.9 Billion. ( (He is also a lawyer)

2) Adam Silver, is an American lawyer and the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. He has held this post since February 1, 2014.On October 25, 2012, he was endorsed by David Stern to be the next NBA Commissioner when Stern announced that he would step down as of February 1, 2014. (

So already we have two lawyers involved in this big drama. two people who completely understand the value of words and their meanings and potential consequences, etc. (A little odd to me, but let’s continue.)

3) Once a struggling also-ran to other professional sports, the National Basketball Association is now a global money machine, thanks in large part to Stern’s leadership on labor relations, drug testing, team expansion and other issues. NBA revenues, which were $118 million for the 1982-83 season, hit $4.6 billion for the league’s 30 teams last year. (

4) U.S. agency revenue — covering all forms of marketing communications, including advertising, media, digital, marketing services, health care and public relations — totaled $35.6 billion in 2012. (

Total retail sales reached $1.1 trillion in 2012: $568 billion at grocery stores and $530 billion at food service and drinking establishments. (

Secretly Recorded Telephone Call

Admittedly, I haven’t followed this story minute by minute, nor do I plan on it, but I have heard segments of information while flipping through channels. To help round out my knowledge of what was said, I clicked on this link: Transcripts of the tape:

So it appears that the secretly recorded telephone conversation is between Donald Sterling & his then girlfriend. (I also read where there they are now broken up and there has been some litigation between them.)

So that no one tries to misconstrue my comments so they appear to be in support of what Donald Sterling said, from what I read, his comments are poorly supported and he could do with some classes on world history. I didn’t really pick up on anything as being mean, just misinformed. But in my opinion, a lot of people have that problem!

I’m not really hearing anything that appears to be criminal, or said with malicious intent, or where it has damaged anyone’s property but his own. He didn’t say he was making these comments on behalf of the LA Clipper organization. I’m not even sure any laws were broken. (Except possibly the illegal recording of a telephone call! California operates under the “two-party” consent law. ( A guy talking to his girlfriend about what he thinks in a secretly recorded conversation is pretty much a non-story…that is until the media gets a hold of it.

A media that NEEDS these stories so they can interject what they think and what they feel into the story so they can appear to be relevant to consumers AND attract more marketing dollars! I would also add an NBA that also NEEDS these kind of stories so they can appear to be relevant and on top of handling any cases of racism, or even cases of perceived racism for the American consumer. (Note: They use the word American when they are trying to show how united and one we all are. However, they use the arbitrary and undefined “racial” categories when they are trying to show how “diverse” they are. EX Eric Spolestra is the first Asian-American head coach in the NBA. (He was born in Evanston, IL)

So, this earth shattering story is released to the media on Saturday, and by Tuesday it has been played and replayed so much that Donald Sterling – a lawyer and the owner of the LA Clippers – is banned for life from the NBA and has to pay a $2.5 million dollar fine! All without the NBA owners even having a meeting! (4 days! That’s a pretty quick arraignment, trial and sentencing! How come people who have broken real laws and killed real people can’t get that kind of justice?) (Quick calculation shows that the fine is 0.013157% of Sterling’s estimated net worth)

Again, I’m not saying anyone was in agreement with anyone else, just showing they stand to profit or get better positioning from  blasting this story all over the news. Although, it is kind of convenient that EVERY station chose to run with it and it’s tidy that they can come to some resolution in 4 days. (If race & racism issues are this easy to handle, the NBA should get out of the basketball business entirely and focus on other issues.)

The NAACP, which was set to honor Donald Sterling as it’s Man of The Year, was so upset, even before proving that he is the guy on the tape, that they canceled his dinner. (But, they haven’t said yet when or if they plan on giving back any of his “racist” tainted money.)

In my limited involvement with the story I have heard a lot of celebrities and talking heads come out to denounce what Donald Sterling allegedly said in the tapes. And again, don’t get it twisted I am not in support of what he said. Any rational person would not be in agreement with the comments attributed to him. And that is EXACTLY where the NBA and the TV stations and the marketing types want you to be! Against race and racism, even though if you know anything about marketing or have spent anytime in an ad agency you will certainly know how just about everything that is bought and sold in this country is broken up into “racial” categories! Don’t believe it? Try talking to a marketing company about selling your new product. The very first question will be “What is the demographic info for your projected market?” BET is a “Black” channel for distribution of thoughts, ideas, and images to that audience. Univision is a “Hispanic” channel for distribution of thoughts, ideas, and images to that audience. Logo is a “Gay” channel for distribution of thoughts, ideas, and images to that audience, and on and on.

What has been accomplished?

Of course this is only my opinion, but in six months to a year from now you will be able to clearly see what the purpose of this non-story dominating the news headlines was all about. Adam Silver will have been established as the new powerful commissioner of the NBA. He will have also accomplished the main goal of why he was hired for the position in the first place, and that is to grow the revenues of the NBA. (I guess the NBA also gets to keep or decide what happens to the $2.5 million dollars as well!) Donald Sterling will still be a billionaire, probably even more so, after the sale of the Clippers to an ownership group made up of people, hand-picked by the NBA, that represents every still outdated and arbitrarily defined “racial” group. The every day marginal fan will love the NBA and buy the apparel even more so because they will feel that “our friend” the good ole NBA has done so much by correcting a “wrong” in our still evil society. The market will be flooded with more “diversity” programs that will seek to build communication bridges across great “racial” divides. And people will still go to bed hungry in the poorer neighborhoods around the country. So, nothing structurally will have changed, but everyone will feel better about themselves, until the next story is thrust upon us!

Michael James Brown is the writer /producer of ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!‘ A now 11 year project that looks at why intelligent people – using current information – still call themselves arbitrary and poorly defined “racial” categories. Categories that are not supported by science, religion, or any legal systems. Categories that a person’s ancestors NEVER called themselves! Are we solving any problems – real or perceived – by continuing this dialogue along these lines? Previous career titles include: Marketing Operations Manager, Creative Services Manager, Director of Operations. In his spare time, Michael rides his motorcycle around to real cities, having real conversations with real people. He is already aware that the OAP presentations and topics do not fit the expected mold and therefore he will never be invited to speak on any national media shows! 🙂 ( (



11 Years, More Than 1,000 Business Cards!


On May 8th, 2014 I’ll be celebrating the 11th year of ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!

I want to begin a review for the people that are just learning about the OAP, or were not involved from the beginning.

Over the years, many people have told me how hard they think the goals of the OAP are to achieve. In fact, many people tell me it is still impossible. In some ways, I agree with them, but in one major way, I do not. My position is if you continue to get all of your information about and “your people” from one source, or a small list of sources, and not from the very people you consider yourself to be, then yes, it will impossible.

However, if you learn to read and gather information for yourself, then the very question of who you are and what you are capable of becomes a moot point. There is nothing to argue about or explain to someone else. ““How did “we” get to a place where people are asked by our government and businesses to fill out arbitrary and poorly defined forms asking them about their race or ethnicity?” Who made the connection that discussing that “information” is somehow connected to what you can or can’t accomplish in your life?” “What information are “they” using to support that connection and is it still valid?”

‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!’ is not just one project. It is a series of projects – connected and stand alone – that seeks answers on the one hand, and ask questions more questions on the other hand. Although we touch upon a wide variety of topics, ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!’ is not focused on racism or past wrongdoings, real or perceived. It is more focused on today and tomorrow, and helping to discover the best plan going forward, that everyone can support.

This project is about self-identification.

The first approximately 3 years of the OAP was all research and reading. I have read and researched many books for this project. I have talked with many people much “smarter” than I am regarding the subjects we discuss in the project. It is the reason why today I get to speak at a lot of academic institutions and conferences. I do not picket, boycott, or protest anyone. I simply turn in an abstract that outlines and supports what I am going to talk about to a committee. That committee reviews my paper, then decides if I can be a part of their program or not. I seldom am turned away or not allowed to speak. I have made many friends & contacts over the last 11 years in this way.

In 2007, I traveled to various cities around the country. (Long Beach, CA; Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Cypress, CA; Carson, CA; Youngstown, OH) filming conversations with people I didn’t know and who are more intelligent than I am. People, who have been calling themselves any of the completely arbitrary and legally, undefined “racial” categories for 10, 20, 30, 40 years. To see why they still chose a “racial” category, how they supported that decision, and how it has or has not affected their lives.

Everyone answered the same roughly 20 questions, from “Who is Al Sharpton?” to “Where is Caucasia?” to “What is the legal description of a _____ person in the United States?” Not one person knew the questions until we were filming. I did not prep any of the responses. The conversations are exactly as they happened with as little editing as possible. In fact, I gave each person interviewed an unedited copy of our interview and told them that if they did not like the interview, I would not use the footage. Everyone who participated agreed that I could use their footage. My goal in the filming portion was not to try to embarrass anyone, or edit in such a way to make it seem like they were saying something they were not.

Highlights include speaking with Marc Dann, Attorney General for the state of Ohio. Jim Dear, Mayor of Carson, CA, Dr. Joseph Graves Jr., Professor of Biology at NC A&T University, and Rabbi Brian Zachary Meyer Los Angeles.

Since the completion of filming and editing on that portion and those questions, I have spent the majority of time traveling around the country looking for events and places to discuss the results of my project. I have had more than 40 official and varied presentations of the Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free! The very first presentation was in Carlsbad, CA on 2/18/06 at the Carlsbad Village Theater during a friend’s comedy show.

The picture above is of the more than 1,000 business cards I have accumulated, since then, from business, education, and community leaders around the USA and Canada. I have personally met with all of them to discuss ways to get my presentation, or some the information in my presentation, into their schools and businesses. In some aspects, the current question of focus for ‘Other Awareness Project – 95% Guilt & Anger Free!’ is, “Why can’t we add new or different books/information into the conversation regarding race & ethnicity?” Every year it is the same images and information – now sponsored by corporations – that discuss things related to race & ethnicity in the exact same way, from the same viewpoint. In my opinion, no real progress at all.

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